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Welcome to Bonafide Africa, a one stop solution firm for all your needs ranging from procurement, hospitality, transport, logistics and management consultancy needs. Our competent team works with individuals, government parastatals, agencies, NGOs, multinational organizations and embassies with in the region to provide tailored solutions to the different business challenges.

We are a networked continental professional firm whose headquartered are based in Kampala, Uganda. We vigorously advocate for our clients’ positions while maintaining our own integrity. We will quickly analyse, identify issues , solutions to help you improve your business performance and create new opportunities.


Bonafide Africa helps government agencies, NGOs, multinational Organizations and embassies in achieving their goals by providing a comprehensive supply chain solution.


Bonafide Africa offers transportation services for short & long term rentals ( SUV, Saloon cars & Machinery) to individuals, private companies, NGOs, embassies and government entities.


Bonafide Africa helps its clients realize their logistical goals through our handling,warehousing, clearing & forwarding services. We provide scheduled and on demand Cargo demand services.


Enterprises face numerous challenges during planning, organizing and executing business. These range from organizational planning, strategic planning & development, organizational structures, talent development to developing relevant business processes to suit a particular business model.

At Bonafide Africa we help our clients to transform, grow and work smarter. Our clients learn to operate better, innovate and grow, reduce operational costs, manage risks, leverage talent and improve business processes. We therefore guarantee business continuity and long term success to our clients. We undertake the following services for our clients;


At Bonafide Africa we know that you need to rebuild and adapt schedules to optimize the evolving market trends, we help our clients carry out networking planning and scheduling. We identify the best accommodation facilities putting in consideration their flexibility measures which highly favour and cover our clients.


Bonafide Africa knows that relations are based on trust and done in utmost good faith that is why we chose to “Trade with trust”.

Vision: To be the leading professional firm in Africa that provides sustainable solutions in the business sector.

Mission: To offer creative and responsive solutions based on a clear understanding of our clients’ needs and objectives.

Values : Consideration, Integrity, Trust, Responsiveness.